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Lube is a type of sexual aid that can enhance or transform intimate acts between you and your partner. Lubes come in many different forms, including flavored lubes and water based lubes. With so many different types of personal lubricants on the market, you mind find that picking the right one is a difficult task.

Choosing a personal lubricant

You can choose between a water-based lubricant or a silicone-based lube. The silicone lube is typically slicker, but you should not use silicone lube if you use condoms or other types of internal birth control. This lube can degrade the silicone in your birth control. Some shoppers prefer water based lube because the products are safe for all types of sexual play. You can also find gel lubes, which have a thicker consistency than the other versions. If you want a different sensation, consider trying a warming lube. This lube slowly warms as you use it, which changes the sensation you feel during the sexual act.

Flavored lubricants

Flavored lubricants can add flavor to oral acts and other types of sexual play. This type of lube uses a flavored base that will not break down condoms or cause problems with other forms of birth control. Flavored lubes come in multiple flavors, including strawberry, banana and cherry. The products still provide the lubrication that you need during the sexual act because the lubes act like any other personal lubricant. The only difference between a personal lubricant and a flavored lube is the flavoring added to the product.