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Make Up Remover Wipes

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MakeUp Remover Wipes

Most people know it’s a good practice to remove all of their makeup before going to bed but sometimes it can be a challenging task. Makeup remover wipes make it easy and convenient to remove all of your cosmetic products, from eye makeup such as eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara to facial makeup such as foundation, lip color and blush. Walgreens offers a wide variety of makeup remover wipes both online and in stores.

What are makeup remover wipes?

Makeup remover wipes are disposable wipes designed to remove makeup in one easy step. These single use wipes are designed to be discarded in the trash after use.

How do makeup remover wipes work?

Makeup remover wipes cleanse the skin and remove makeup without the need for water or an additional facial cleanser. The wipes are pre-treated with a cleansing solution and can typically replace the traditional cleansing step of a skin care regimen. With most makeup remover wipes, no rinsing is required after use.

How to use makeup remover wipes

Most makeup remover wipes come in a re-sealable pack although there are individually packaged wipes available as well. Simply take a wipe and gently rub it over all suitable areas of the face in order to remove all traces of makeup. It’s important to note that some makeup remover wipes should not come into contact with the eyes. Read the instructions carefully to determine if the wipes you’re using are safe for removing eye makeup.

Additional benefits of makeup remover wipes

Some makeup remover wipes have additional ingredients for added benefits, such as moisturizing or hydrating ingredients that may benefit those with dry skin.

Other wipes include astringents to tone the skin or purifying ingredients for a deeper cleanse. These types of makeup remover wipes may be beneficial for those with oily, blemish-prone skin.

Some makeup remover wipes include botanical extracts to nourish and calm the skin. There are even biodegradable options for those who want to minimize their impact on the environment.

Are makeup remover wipes safe?

Most makeup remover wipes are generally safe to use by most people when used as directed. It’s important to note that some makeup remover wipes aren’t safe to use in the eye area and shouldn’t be used to remove eye makeup. Other wipes may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin. Be sure to read the product description, ingredients list and directions carefully in order to avoid a potentially negative reaction. Some products are hypoallergenic and may be more suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

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