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Marc Jacobs Perfume

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Marc Jacobs Perfume

Your scent follows you wherever you go, so it pays to make sure it's a good one. Perfume makes a wonderful gift but it's also a lovely treat for yourself when you need a pick-me-up. Simply wear it daily as your signature scent or play up the romance as you spray a bit on a love letter or on your lover's pillow. Marc Jacobs perfume products look as beautiful as they smell, making them an exquisite addition to anyone's beauty collection.

The Marc Jacobs Brand

Known for his work with Louis Vuitton and his own label, designer Marc Jacobs boasts an impressive collection of bags and wallets, watches, clothing, cosmetics, and fragrance. Family turmoil with the death of his father when Jacobs was only a young boy followed by struggles and many moves in the years to come did not deter Marc Jacobs from his destiny. He went to live with his paternal grandmother on the Upper West Side of Manhattan as a teenager and from there, grew to love life in New York and found his calling as an American fashion designer.

Colorful Perfumes with Bright Bottles

Marc Jacobs spared no expense in designing colorful and unique perfume bottles for his fragrances. Largely inspired by nature, the bottles feature adornments of flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, and other pretty embellishments. The colors on the bottles seem to evoke a lighter or a more mysterious mood, depending on the fragrance. These lovely fragrances would look stunning on your makeup counter or on your armoire.

Scents of Fruit and Florals

Accommodating for everyday casual wear, many of the Marc Jacobs Perfumes carry a fruity, floral aroma with key notes of strawberry, violet, and grapefruit, or pear, mandarin, honey, and smooth woods. His scents are often energetic and alluring, often conveying brightness and warm, pleasant moods. The original Marc Jacobs fragrance, Daisy, carries sophistication while still leaving room for some playful fun. Youthful vibrancy merges with this fragrance's chic stylishness, accentuated by a floral bouquet. This fragrance and its newly released 2014 edition both embrace elegance and sparkling beauty with an enticing blend of scents that leave a lasting impression.

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