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Bring a burst of color to your next art project with a bright set of markers. Whether you use them for schoolwork and work presentations or for an upcoming party or special event, markers come in many colors that allow you to bring your imagination to life. Permanent markers are another useful item to have around your home, as they allow you to organize and create lasting marks on various items. If you are an instructor or teacher, dry erase markers are also available for your classroom or workplace.

Releasing your inner artist

No matter whether you are a budding Picasso or the next Van Gogh, art kits give you the perfect way to express your creativity in style. From gel pens and markers to construction paper and glue, the wide assortment of tools available place the creative power in your hands. With options available from trusted brands including Crayola, BIC and Sharpie, you are bound to find the marker sizes and colors to get your creative juices flowing.