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Matte powder foundation

Help reduce shine, cover blemishes or create a base for lasting wear of your makeup with matte powder foundation. Powder foundation can offer the shade and coverage you desire with the lightweight softness of powder. Some foundations are even hypoallergenic, oil-free and noncomedogenic, so they won't clog pores. Select your matte powder foundation from Maybelline and more here at Walgreens.com.

Complete makeup collections

In addition to matte powder foundation, you can find other cosmetics here, from lipstick to pressed powder and more. There are a range of concealers to help find one that closely matches your skin tone, as well as tinted moisturizers to help hydrate and lightly cover. You'll even find different types of makeup applicators to help your makeup look its best, from cosmetic brushes to puffs, wedges and cotton swabs.

Makeup remover for skin care

Don't forget that washing away makeup each day is an important part of facial skin care. Choose a makeup remover that suits your needs, from makeup remover towelettes to eye makeup remover specifically formulated to wash away mascara, eyeliner and other eye makeup