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Mens Diabetic Socks

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People living with diabetes may experience limited blood flow to certain parts of the body, including the feet. Feelings of numbness combined with reduced blood flow can lead to foot issues that can become serious if left untreated. Because of this, keeping feet healthy is an important part of proper diabetes care. Many people with diabetes choose to wear certain kinds of socks called diabetic socks to help create a healthy environment for their feet. Walgreens offers diabetic socks in different sizes, colors and quantities to suit personal preferences. All of these types of socks are available for purchase in stores and online at Walgreens.

What are the benefits of diabetic socks for men?

Diabetic socks can help keep men’s feet dry and comfortable, which is important for preventing foot injuries and infections for those living with diabetes. Diabetic socks may provide extra cushioning, smooth seams and extra-wide tops to provide comfort and keep the feet dry. Diabetic socks are not necessary for everyone with diabetes, but they may help provide comfort and protection for your feet. If you have any questions about diabetic socks or foot care, your Walgreens pharmacist or healthcare provider can help.

What are diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks are a type of sock that may provide added benefits to people living with diabetes. This type of sock is designed with features such as extra padding, smooth seams and extra-wide tops. Diabetic socks are intended to help promote foot health in people with diabetes who may have an increased risk of foot injury or infection due to poor blood circulation or numbness.

Is there a difference between diabetic socks and compression socks?

Diabetic socks are different from compression socks because compression socks provide pressure on the foot and leg to promote blood circulation. Compression socks are often used by people with vein issues in their legs, or by athletes to potentially help with recovery. Diabetic socks do not provide pressure on the legs and feet. They usually fit more loosely on the legs to provide comfort and keep feet dry and clean. Both types of socks may provide benefits to certain people. Talk to your healthcare provider about the differences between diabetic socks and compression socks if you’re curious about which option is best for you.

What do diabetic socks do?

Diabetic socks can help people living with diabetes by keeping their feet dry and comfortable. They have added features that protect the feet, and they can be worn as part of a proper foot care plan when recommended by a healthcare provider. If you are living with diabetes, it’s important to check your feet each day for any blisters, swelling, cuts, sores or other potential wounds. Wash your feet every day and protect them by wearing dry socks and shoes that fit well. If you’ve decided to try diabetic socks, Walgreens has options available online and in stores. A Walgreens pharmacist can help answer any questions you have and help you find the best choice for you.

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