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Metamucil Fiber Supplements

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Metamucil fiber supplements

Metamucil fiber supplements continue to be trusted as they have been for generations. A full selection of Metamucil fiber supplements is available for shipment right to your door. Metamucil isn't the only company making fiber supplements including Fiber Choice, Citrucel and Benefiber.

Fiber supplements

Metamucil fiber supplements include the traditional unflavored fiber-containing laxative that made Metamucil famous. Today, though, fiber supplements from Metamucil also include an orange-flavored version of traditional Metamucil as well as new products such as fiber capsules and fiber wafers. These products allow you to conveniently take advantage of all of the health benefits of added fiber. Fiber supplement powders from Metamucil are available in convenient single-dosage packs as well as in canisters of different sizes, and you can just add a powdered Metamucil product to your favorite drink. Fiber capsules include a formula that is enriched with calcium so you can combine a calcium supplement with your daily dose of dietary fiber.

Supplements and laxatives

Consult your healthcare provider for advice and information about how Metamucil fiber supplements can help you maintain your optimal level of health. Metamucil powder is usually recommended for use as both a supplement and a laxative, and Metamucil wafers can also be used for their laxative effect. Walgreens offers its own dietary fiber products that are similar to Metamucil products, and Walgreens fiber supplements can be an economical and reliable alternative to national brands. Make sure to order enough Metamucil fiber supplements so you will always have enough on hand to be able to take the recommended daily dosage every day.

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