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Monistat 3

Monistat 3 is a vaginal antifungal cream that is the mid-range strength option in the Monistat product line. Monistat 3 is made at the proper strength to cure the yeast infection in three days or less and treat the symptoms of yeast infection discomfort. Over-the-counter feminine hygiene products like Monistat can be a great option for busy women who don't have time for the doctor for basic feminine needs.

Vaginal antifungal creams

Monistat cream are effective cures for most yeast infections. Monistat also makes vaginal antifungal creams in seven-day and one-day treatment formulations, so you have control over the process of your recovery. Women with sensitive skin can choose Monistat 7, which has weaker active ingredients so it will likely not irritate your skin. Meanwhile, Monistat 1 is even stronger than Monistat 3 and can be a convenient option that can lessen the recovery time with higher doses of medication in the cream. By using Monistat 1, you can clear up a yeast infection overnight.