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Monistat Cream

Monistat cream is an over-the-counter vaginal yeast infection remedy that comes in several different strengths. Over-the-counter feminine hygiene products like Monistat can be a great option for busy women who doesn't have time to go to the gynecologist for basic feminine needs.

Strengths of yeast infection creams

Monistat cream comes in three different strength options depending on your skin sensitivity and time schedule. Monistat offers one-day, three-day and seven-day formulations. Monistat 1 is the strongest formulation of Monistat cream and can allow for overnight yeast infection treatment in ideal situations. Monistat 3 is the midrange Monistat cream and is made to run on a three day treatment schedule, but runs a lower risk of skin irritation. Monistat 7 is the weakest option, but is recommended for women with sensitive skin.