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Motion Chair With Dual Motor

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Motion Chair with Dual Motor

If you have limited mobility, one of the most dangerous times during your day is when you are shifting body positions. When you're sitting down in a chair or getting up from one, it's far too easy to slip and accidentally fall, and an accident can happen within seconds. Motion chairs help keep those with difficulty transitioning from sitting to standing better protected from falls and can also be useful for those who are transferring from a wheelchair to an easy chair. All motion or lift chairs tilt forward, so that they allow users to easily shift onto the chair without having to bend. Once the user is in place, the chair can be tilted back for hours of comfortable sitting at the perfect angle. A dual motor motion chair provides the extra benefit of an independently moving footrest. This enables users to elevate their feet while sitting in order to promote circulation or otherwise adhere with a doctor's recommendations regarding proper sitting positions.

Comfortable and Stylish Motion Chairs for Your Home

Walgreens has a wide selection of motion chairs to suit your needs, improve your safety and complement your decor. As you begin to shop for a motion chair, start off by checking out the weight limits of the chairs available to ensure that they are appropriate for you. Then, examine the dimensions and check that there is enough room in your space to accommodate the chair. Keep in mind that you'll want to leave a little space on either side of the lift chair and in front of it to allow full motion and to enhance your safety. Once you know what size is right, you can compare the padding and overall styles of the chairs as well as their prices. Lastly, take your decor into account. Motion chairs come in many different upholstered and leather finishes, so you don't have to compromise the look of your interior design to get the benefits that a dual motor lift chair can offer you. Start shopping the motion chair collection at Walgreens to get the best price on a stylish new chair.

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