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Using mouthwash can kill germs that give you bad breath as well as those that cause tooth and gum decay. By working mouthwash into your regimen, you can be more confident in the health of your mouth and the smell of your breath. carries well-known mouthwash brands like Listerine, Act and Scope.

Antiseptic mouth rinse

The main goal of most mouth rinses is to kill the germs that build up in your mouth during the day and night. Most mouthwash direction labels indicate that you should rinse twice a day--once when you get up and once before you go to bed. Even though brushing and flossing goes a long way, mouthwash can add the final touch by killing any remaining bacteria. While many traditional mouthwash brands use alcohol to kill germs, other variations use eucalyptol and menthol to fight germs. Killing bacteria in your mouth can help ward off gum disease.

Specialized mouthwash

Although many mouth rinses aim to fight bacteria, others have a more specialized focus. A mouthwash that contains sodium fluoride can help prevent cavities. Fluoride is a popular cavity-fighting ingredient that is in most toothpastes, so rinsing with it can provide further protection from tooth decay. Other rinses target plaque formation on teeth, which is another common cause of gum disease. People who have problems with thinning enamel can benefit from enamel-strengthening washes. Regardless of your dental health concern, there is a mouthwash for you. Although many of them are designed to fight germs and other mouth ailments, most of them also provide a minty aftertaste that will leave your breath smelling great.

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