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Nail Tip Kits

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Nail tip kits

Create the look you want without having to grow your nails out. Nail tip kits come with enough fake nail tips for each of your fingers, as well as extras for your next manicure or replacement tips. You can choose from different lengths and designs to help you create your ideal manicure. Find nail tip kits from brands such as Kiss and Revlon that contain tips, nail glue and a nail file for customizing your style.

Your nail kit options

When shopping for nail tip kits, you can choose between basic French manicure tips and other tips that feature fun designs and art. Each set of nail tips is available in various lengths ranging from real short to luxuriously long. You can make your toenails match your manicure by using fake toenails in various colors, lengths and styles.

Maintaining your manicure

For maintenance and care of your artificial nails, you can find fingernail glue here at You can use this glue for repairing cracks and breakage in fake nails as well as natural ones. We also carry fake nail remover to help make it simple to change your style and keep it up-to-date and fresh.

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