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Nail Wraps

When your fingernails look your best, you can feel confident waving hello, shaking hands and just reaching out to take or touch something when you're on the go. You simply can't underestimate the benefits of having a beautiful manicure, but not everyone can afford to spend time and money visiting the salon regularly to have their nails done. With nail wraps from Walgreens, you can skip the salon and get your nails looking gorgeous without leaving home.

What Are Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps are nail care products that are designed to cover the fingernails and enhance their appearance. Unlike a fake glue on nail, which is thick, rigid and hard, a nail wrap is thin, soft and flexible. Wraps are bonded to the nails with glue, which dries quickly and keeps the coverings from falling off. Most nail wrap manicures can last for 1 to 2 weeks. A package of nail wraps will contain at least 10 wraps. The wraps inside of the box will vary in size, so that you can match their shapes to that of your natural nails.

Benefits of Nail Wraps

When applied properly, nail wraps can look very realistic. The wraps can help to cover up irregularities in nail color and texture. They can also spare you the time that it takes to apply nail polish. Some nail wraps are designed to give the nails the appearance of a French manicure or complicated nail art designs that could be very difficult to apply on your own. Unlike nail lacquer, nail wraps don't chip or smear. Many women find that they stay in place better than hard plastic glue on nails.

Tips for Using Nail Wraps

Typically, applying nail wraps is a multi-step process that will also include adding layers of a clear coat lacquer over top of the wraps. Each nail wrap kit is different, so it is important that you fully read the instructions that come with the kit that you purchase, even if you have used another type of nail wrap before. In some cases, it may be necessary for you to trim the nail wraps with scissors prior to application to ensure a perfect fit.