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Natural body glow

Achieve a tan just like you can get at the salon with a natural body glow product. Self-tanners are available in various shades, so you can build your tan to make it look like you got it from spending time in the sun. Natural body glow lotions are easy to apply and usually have moisturizing ingredients to hydrate your skin as it colors it. Try a Jergens self-tanning lotions from Walgreens.com.

An easy solution

When you don't have time to lay in the sun, a natural body glow lotion can help you get a tan with minimal effort. Just apply the tanning lotion to the areas of your body you want to look tan and allow a few minutes for it to dry before you get dressed. Within a few days of consistent application, you'll have that sun-kissed look you want.

Self-tanning options

In addition to self-tan lotions, there are airbrush spray tans available. These tanning sprays are convenient because you can get even coverage without worrying about getting your hands messy. There are also bronzer makeups you can use on your face and body for a temporary glow.