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Natural Toothpaste

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h2>Natural toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is one simple thing you can do to dramatically improve your oral health. Proper brushing at least twice daily removes plaque, the sticky substance that causes tooth decay and irritates the gums. While the bristles of your toothbrush are what lift away this debris, a bare brush isn't that effective on its own. Toothpaste, or dentifrice, contains surfactants that help to loosen plaque, so that your brush can remove as much of it as possible. Today, toothpastes come in many different varieties, giving you the freedom to choose the type that best meets your needs. Natural toothpastes are one popular variety of dentifrice that gives you all of the benefits of traditional toothpaste without any synthetic ingredients. Instead, the formulas contain extracts from plants and other ingredients sourced from nature that perform the same functions as those found in traditional toothpaste varieties. Walgreens has a wide selection of natural toothpastes with options for many different dental care concerns, including sensitivity, staining and excessive plaque formation.

A natural choice to fit your lifestyle

Because they perform the same cleansing actions as traditional toothpastes, natural toothpastes can be beneficial for anyone who wants to have a clean and healthy mouth. However, some people prefer to exclusively use natural formulas because these products better suit their lifestyles. If you have a restricted diet and must be careful about consuming or coming in contact with artificial colorings or flavoring agents, natural toothpastes are an ideal choice, as you can be certain these products do not contain the types of ingredients that can trigger reactions or conflict with your diet. Many natural toothpaste products are free of ingredients sourced from animals, making them friendly to vegan and ovo-lacto vegetarian lifestyles. Members of the green movement, a philosophy that prizes the use of natural ingredients over traditional medicinals and synthetics, may also opt for natural toothpaste. Whatever your reason for choosing a product that contains the best of what nature has to offer for the health of your teeth, you'll find the right natural toothpaste to fit your lifestyle here at Walgreens.

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