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Neoprene wrist braces

If you need to reduce swelling and relieve discomfort from arthritis, strains and other injuries, try a pair of neoprene wrist braces. These supports come in a variety of different styles, including wrist braces that extend over the thumb or hand and others that simply compress the wrist. Top Brands like Champion are here at Walgreens.com with a selection of neoprene wrist braces.

Finding your support

Choose your neoprene wrist brace based on the type of support you need, whether you'd benefit most from a light brace or one with maximum support. Some are made only of neoprene, while others contain metal splints for rigid stability and protection. There are also wrist supports in many different sizes to fit almost anyone. Because many of these wrist braces and supports are adjustable, you can change the fit as swelling goes down.

For specific concerns

Neoprene wrist braces are just one type of the many braces and supports you'll find among our selection. Carpal wrist supports can alleviate the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. Night wrist braces extend over the hand to fully stabilize the wrist as you sleep. Smaller day wrist braces compress the wrist and don't limit the use of your hands or fingers.