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Nesquik is ready to meet all of your flavored milk needs with a powdered mix and flavored milk. The drinks let you satisfy your sweet tooth no matter where you go. Nesquik is similar to chocolate milk favorites like Ovaltine.

Chocolate powder drink mix

Many people remember chocolate powder from their childhood years. A small amount of the powder turns an ordinary glass of milk into a chocolaty treat. The Nesquik powdered drink mix has uses beyond ordinary chocolate milk. You can add some of the powder to vanilla ice cream or even add it to flour and other ingredients to make fudgy chocolate brownies. The chocolate powder mix works with all types of milk, including skim milk. Adding the powder to skim milk lets you save calories when making a rich chocolate treat.

Take your flavored milk with you on the go

Nesquik knows that you don't always have time to make your own chocolate milk. The company makes two different types of flavored milk that you can take with you. The strawberry milk has a slightly pink color and the scent of fresh strawberries. The chocolate version tastes like you just made a glass of chocolate milk at home. The flavored milks come in handy containers that hold just enough milk for one. Use the milk as an alternative to soda or water at meal time or grab a container for a quick treat after a busy day. You can satisfy your sweet tooth without the extra calories of a brownie or cookie.

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