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Whether you're writing letters, taking notes for class, or just doodling, notebooks offer a blank slate for whatever you may need. For a professional or academic setting, there are legal pads and spiral notebooks. Journals are ideal for personal use. Brands such as Mead, Penway and Ultimate are here at with notebooks in varieties that include different numbers of sheets and a range of sizes.

Different paper types and sizes

College ruled notebooks feature less space between lines so you can fit more notes on a single page. Wide ruled notebooks are a good option for people with larger handwriting. Writing pads can come in either white or yellow, and can feature different types of binding. If you're looking for a journal for everyday use, your options include varieties that have perforations that make removing letters and other notes from the binding easy and neat.

For work and play

For your creative side, check out our assortment of sketch pads and art paper. If you're in need of more art supplies, browse the colored pencils, watercolors and brushes that we carry. For day-to-day writing, choose a mechanical pencil or a no. 2 pencil. You'll also find pens in various colors and types, as well as markers of different thicknesses and shades. Our back-to-school supplies include binders, backpacks and folders to help your stay organized throughout the semester.

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