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Vick's Nyquil brand encompasses a wide range of medicines designed to treat colds, flu, and other respiratory illnesses. These medicines provide hours of relief from symptoms, but do not cure the underlying illness, so you should consult a doctor if symptoms become severe or persistent. When you are suffering from a cold, Nyquil cold medicines can help ease symptoms, including cough, a runny nose, and sneezing.

Liquid cold relief medicines

Nyquil liquid cold medicine comes in different flavors, such as cherry, berry, and vanilla cherry swirl, to make it more palatable. Nyquil is a nighttime cold remedy, so it should not be taken during the day or it might make you drowsy. Vicks makes a daytime cold medicine called Dayquil that does not cause drowsiness. Children's Nyquil is also available for kids with cold and flu symptoms.

Treating colds, flu, and sinus problems

Another cough, cold and flu medications you can try is Nyquil liquid capsules, which contain the same medicine as liquid Nyquil in a gel capsule that can be swallowed whole. Vick's also makes Nyquil Sinex, a version of Nyquil designed for those with sinus congestion as well as other symptoms. Before choosing a particular Nyquil product, assess your symptoms to see which version is right for you. Choose a variety that treats your specific symptoms but does not include medication for symptoms you do not have. In addition to Nyquil, also carries other cold relief medicines, including the store brands Wal-Phed and Wal-Flu.

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