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Olay Body Wash

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Olay body wash

While they cleanse, Olay body washes also offer additional skin care benefits for a variety of skin types and needs. You can find body wash from Olay to help replenish your skin's moisture, improve its condition over time or rejuvenate its appearance while it cleanses. Choose an Olay body wash that can go beyond clean to care for your unique skin.

Moisturizing and other benefits

If you have dry skin, you can try Ultra Moisture body wash from Olay that can gradually help your skin resist dryness. Quench body wash similarly softens and moisturizes your skin while washing. Some anti aging body wash helps to exfoliate and replenish your skin for a youthful, fresh look. Most of these Olay body washes are gentle enough for everyday use.

More from Olay

Follow up your showering and cleansing routine with a moisturizer from Olay that can help soften and smooth your skin. Like their body washes, lotions from Olay offer a number of benefits. Choose from anti-aging lotions, night creams and lotions to help you stay comfortable and radiant in your skin.

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