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Olay Foundation

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Olay Foundation

Foundation helps to give the face a balanced, polished look. You can use it to even the skin tone or to conceal freckles and pigmentation issues. FSome foundation products offer other benefits, as well, like anti-aging protection, moisturizing properties, and even sun protection. Like its name suggests, foundation acts as the first step in makeup application, giving you a clear and beautiful canvas for your appearance. A fine quality foundation product from Olay can help smooth and balance the skin tone, drawing the attention to your eyes and lips while adding a lovely glow to your complexion.

Shades to Match Your Complexion

The selection of Olay Foundation products includes many different shades of product to suit nearly every skin tone. Olay caters to light skin tones with hues like Ivory and Creamy Natural, medium tones like Medium Beige and Warm Beige, and darker tones like Golden Tan, Tawny, and Soft Sable, with numerous shades in between. No matter what your skin tone, Olay Foundations make it easy to balance your skin for a beautiful, glowing countenance.

Different Foundation Styles

Olay Foundation is available in a pump dispenser or a cream foundation compact. Apply your foundation before the rest of your makeup by gently dabbing it onto your skin with a foam pad or by hand. Many of these foundation products also feature a partnership with COVERGIRL brand for a truly advanced cosmetic product.

Special Benefits of Foundation

Foundation products offer numerous benefits in addition to balancing your skin tone and evening out your complexion. The Olay brand focuses on the health of your skin as well, offering sun protection, anti-aging benefits, and added moisturizing qualities in many of their products. Olay Foundations can help to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other skin discolorations in a simply ageless formula that doesn't weigh your skin down. Some of the products place a particular focus on sun protection, including SPF 22 to help reduce the risk of sunburn. The white and beige swirls in the foundation bottles aren't there just to look pretty. Moisturizing components in these Foundation + Serum solutions also hydrate your skin, helping to improve your skin tone with continued use.

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