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Open Toe Stockings

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Open Toe Stockings

If you're living with a chronic leg condition, you want to ensure that your legs remain pain free, which can maximize your mobility. Open toe compression stockings available at Walgreens serve a variety of important purposes if you live with short- or long-term leg discomfort. Be sure to ask your doctor if and what type of stocking is right for you. He or she will also tell you how long you should wear your compression stockings. Individuals with more serious symptoms or those with certain medical conditions may need special compression stockings available only with a doctor's prescription.

Why Wear Compression Stockings?

Open toe compression stockings are designed for individuals with unique medical conditions and needs. They are ideal for people who prefer to have their toes free. These stockings can serve a number of purposes. First, they can deliver therapeutic support for the legs. Chronic aches and pains, post-surgery leg pain, swelling, or varicose veins may be relieved with the help of compression stockings. Additionally, compression stockings can help to improve circulation in your legs. They are often recommended for individuals who remain on their feet or sit in place all day.

Stocking Features

Open toe compression stockings can deliver firm compression and support, featuring up to 20-30 mm/Hg of compression. As you move, you may notice that these open toe stockings massage your tired and achy legs. You can find open toe stockings that use an anti-microbial treatment to reduce odor. These stockings are designed with durability in mind. Open toe stockings use comfortable, smooth fabrics in neutral colors so that they do not stand out. The open toe feature allows for easy toe inspection. Comfortable silicone proximal bands help to ensure the stockings stay in place throughout the day, no matter your activity level.

Open toe stockings come in a range of sizes to accommodate nearly everyone. Choosing the right size will require taking ankle, calf, and thigh measurements to allow you to find the most comfortable fit for your legs. These open toe stockings typically fit a variety of foot sizes for added convenience.

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