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Oral Anesthetic

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Oral anesthetic

Whether you're fighting a cold or suffering from mouth sores, an oral anesthetic can help reduce your pain. Some cough drops and lozenges include an analgesic to help soothe as they suppress your cough. Other oral pain relief is made to alleviate toothaches or sore gums. Choose an oral anesthetic from brands Halls and Kanka to help relieve pain as well as heal.

Toothache relief and more

Oral anesthetics can help relieve a variety of aches and pains. Suffering from a toothache? There are toothache kits, gels and pain relievers that can help. Need to protect and heal a stinging canker sore? There are canker sore treatments in a variety of forms that include patches, gels and ointments. These and more can form a barrier to protect the sore from food and drink. If you're suffering through a cold sore, there are cold sore treatments here as well to help shorten the duration of the blister.

Cold and flu aid

If your oral pain is caused by coughing, you can get relief from cough suppressants and cold medications that can treat a variety of symptoms. Cough syrup is available here in different flavors and formulas to help soothe an irritated throat. Some cold and flu treatments can also help clear and cool your nasal passages so you can breathe easy, too.

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