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Ovulation Tests

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Ovulation tests

If you're planning to start a family or have another child, an ovulation test can be helpful. There are two different types to choose from that promise accuracy for effective planning. An ovulation test can help you pinpoint your most fertile days of the month so you have a better chance of conceiving. You can choose an ovulation predictor from brands such as First Response, Clearblue Easy or Fairhaven Health here at

Make it simple

You have two options when it comes to ovulation tests. Some tests are similar to pregnancy tests in that you use a stick to test your urine. The other type tests a sample of your saliva. Both tests for ovulation are detecting hormone levels to determine your most fertile days of the month. Ovulation predicting tests come in different quantities ? some with enough sticks to test your urine the entire month.

Your growing family

We carry other items to help in family planning, including a variety of sexual wellness products. Basal thermometers can also help determine when you are ovulating. Try a fertility monitor that tracks and stores your personal hormone patterns to pinpoint the most fertile time each month. We have a wide selection of pregnancy tests to choose from. Once you know you're pregnant you can shop our baby, kids and toys, just for mom and maternity areas to prepare for and take care of baby.

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