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Pedicure Kits

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Pedicure kits

The different tools that come in pedicure kits can help your feet and toes look and feel their best. Most include nail buffers or foot files to smooth away calluses and foot lotions to condition and soften your skin. You can also find pedicure kits with cuticle nippers and toenail clippers to keep your toenails strong, healthy and beautiful. Browse our selection of foot care kits from brands such as Revlon, Kiss and Feet First Spa here at

Feet first

Pedicure kits can contain exactly what you need or you can pamper yourself at home with additional pedicure implements. We carry foot care products that can gently exfoliate calluses, corns and dry skin away. Some foot scrubs can be used for a home pedicure and are even gentle enough to use each day. Moisturizing lotion and foot lotion can help keep your feet soft and smooth between pedicures. You can even unwind and recharge with foot spas that can soothe and massage.

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