Permanent Blonde Hair Color

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Permanent blonde hair color

Permanent blonde hair color gives your hair a great natural-looking blonde color for a brand-new image. You can also use permanent blonde hair color to enhance the tone of natural blonde hair.

Blonde hair coloring

Many different varieties and shades of permanent blonde hair coloring are available from some of the most trusted names in hair care. Shades range all the way from platinum blonde to caramel and medium ash blonde, and blonde hair coloring is available in single-step gel or foam form as well as in a hair color kit that includes developer cream and conditioners. Special blonde hair color is available for touching up roots and other spot coloring between visits to the salon, or you can achieve salon quality results with permanent blonde hair coloring made by firms that supply salon professionals.

Advantages of permanent blonde hair color

Permanent blonde hair color lasts up to eight weeks when it is applied as directed. Whether you use a full hair color kit with separate hair dye and developer creme components, or a single-step gel or foam, today's colorants resist the elements and stand up to shampooing for weeks on end. You can easily change your look by applying one color over another even before the first color needs to be replenished. Permanent blonde hair color also contains conditioners and moisturizing ingredients, so it preserves the natural body, feel and texture of your hair.