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Permanent Hair Dye

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Permanent hair dye

Change, update or revitalize your hair color with a vibrant shade of permanent hair dye. You'll find a variety of colors and formulas here at, including hair dye for different hair types. You can even choose the application method that's most convenient for you. Favorite name brands including L'Oreal, Clairol, Garnier and others offer permanent hair dye to help you create your ideal look.

Rich, radiant color

To give your hair a natural-looking, even tone, permanent hair dye products are formulated to gently penetrate every strand from root to tip. Some hair dye kits even come with conditioners and extra ingredients to leave your hair healthy, shiny and soft.

Not ready to commit?

If you'd rather try a hair color that can be easier to change, browse our selection of semi-permanent and temporary hair color. Semi-permanent hair color products give your hair the same healthy look and feel as permanent color but will only last about a week. Temporary hair color products will wash away with your next shampoo.

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