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Personal Cleansing Cloths

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Personal cleansing cloths

If you need a convenient way to keep yourself clean and fresh, you can try using personal cleansing cloths. These cleansing cloths are disposable and simple to use. Here at, we carry personal cleansing cloths from brands such as Summer's Eve, Always and PureTouch. You can find cleansing wipes for adult incontinence, feminine hygiene and other personal hygiene concerns.

Incontinence care

Some personal cleansing cloths for incontinence needs are made by the same brands that bring you adult briefs that you may rely on. These cleansing pads can be simple to use yourself or for a caregiver to use, since there's no rinsing required. Other no rinse cleansers can help you to stay clean and promote the health of your delicate skin. If you need no rinse shampoo, you can also find it among our selection of home health care and personal care items.

Feminine hygiene

If you're looking for feminine care products, consider various types of personal cleansing cloths. Some are portable and discreet to use almost anywhere you go. Unlike some other wipes, these cleansing cloths and pads can be flushed. Choose from different formulas that can help you stay fresh, comfortable and confident.

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