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More information about Summer’s Eve

Summer’s Eve is a leading name in feminine hygiene products. Millions of women rely on Summer’s Eve products to keep them feeling and smelling fresh. Walgreens carries a diverse selection of Summer’s Eve feminine washes, wipes, douches and deodorants online and in stores.

What is Summer’s Eve?

Summer’s Eve produces personal hygiene products to help women cleanse and care for their intimate areas. Many people associate the brand with douches.

Although Summer’s Eve still offers a selection of douches, the product line has expanded over the years. The brand now makes gentle daily cleansers for washing the vulva and surrounding skin. You can choose from a variety of scents, and there are products available for those prone to sensitivity issues.

With feminine washes, you dampen a wash cloth or your hand with the product, apply to the intimate area and then rinse. For a quicker cleanse, try Summer’s Eve feminine wipes, pre-moistened towelettes that don’t require rinsing after use. Resealable packets keep the wipes moist between uses and allow you to easily take the towelettes with you to cleanse on the go.

Do Summer’s Eve products help with odor?

Thoroughly cleansing your genital area can remove sweat and vaginal discharge that can linger on the skin and cause odors. Cleansing with Summer’s Eve feminine wash or wipes can also freshen your skin and reduce residues left behind after you use the bathroom.

If feminine odors are a concern, consider the line of feminine deodorants offered by Summer’s Eve. The products are simple-to-use sprays that neutralize odors while absorbing sweat. Unlike conventional underarm deodorants and antiperspirants, Summer’s Eve feminine sprays feature blends of ingredients intended specifically for the delicate skin in the genital area. As a result, they won’t disrupt the natural pH of the area.

Like the feminine washes, Summer’s Eve sprays give you the freedom to choose a fragrance that suits your taste with floral, fruity and fresh-smelling options. Scent intensity also varies, so you can select something with a light, moderate, bold or very bold fragrance. Fragrance-free feminine sprays complete the lineup for those who are sensitive to fragrance or simply wish to address odors without added scent.

Is Summer’s Eve safe?

Summer’s Eve tests every product with the help of real women. Participants include those with sensitive skin, ensuring that the douches, sprays, wipes and washes are gentle, yet effective. Many formulas are hypoallergenic, and board-certified gynecologists review and test them to ensure that they are generally safe for everyday use. As a result, most women can use Summer’s Eve products with confidence.

Each woman has her own needs when it comes to feminine hygiene. If you’re unsure whether a particular product is right for you, consult your healthcare provider for advice. This is especially true for women who are pregnant and for new mothers who recently gave birth. Once you’ve talked to your medical provider, use the filters at the left side of the page to discover the right Summer’s Eve products for your unique needs.