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Physicians Formula

Makeup from Physicians Formula can give you a different look because the makeup comes in so many different colors. The company also makes creams, lotions and makeup removers. If you want to choose the right makeup, you should look for makeup colors that work well with your skin color. Physicians Formula makes several different types of makeup, including bronzers, blush and mascara.

Choosing the right makeup

Mascara and eye shadow are best when you want to make your eyes pop. If you want to hide blemishes, choose a concealer and foundation. When shopping for foundation or concealer, pick a color that closely matches your skin color. Physicians Formula also makes combination products that include blush, bronzer and loose powder inside a single compact. You can even find compacts that have several shades of eye shadow or lip gloss, which lets you change your shade every day.

Cleaning and moisturizing your skin

Physicians Formula also makes several types of lotions that moisturize and hydrate your skin. A collagen cream improves the natural elasticity of your skin when used properly. If you have loose or saggy skin around your eyes, look for an eye cream. Before using a moisturizer, you should clean your skin properly. An eye makeup remover gently removes any makeup you use around your eyes, and the remover will not damage your eyes or skin. Makeup removers come in lotion forms that also moisturize your skin. You can also find liquid removers that you use with a makeup sponge or washcloth.