Pore Strips

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Pore Strips

Pore strips fit over your nose and help draw oil, dirt and other contaminants away from sensitive skin. These strips combine carefully formulated cleansers with acne creams to protect skin while removing blackheads and other blemishes from your face. These strips often contain chemicals designed specifically for oily skin and outbreaks common to teenage skin care issues. Pore strips are not only for teens, however. They promote clean skin with a healthy appearance for everyone in your family. You can find pore strips from well-known brands like Biore at Walgreens.com.

Choosing the best strip facial cleansers

Many different pore strip options exist. You should always test multiple versions when trying a new skin care product if the different ingredients in the formula interact with sensitive skin or allergies. If the first product works well without unexpected side effects, then continue use until the skin clears and blemishes disappear. There may be additional benefits for continued use, including the maintenance of healthy skin. These are generally listed on the manufacturer's label or directions of each strip product.

Pore cleaning strips With other ingredients

Most pore strips contain a base of kaolin or similar cleansers that absorb oil and other impurities into the pad. Some may also include denatured alcohol to help dry open pores and acne, while others rely on natural ingredients for similar effects. Aloe vera products and skin moisturizers are often included in the strip formula, though the addition of these products may still provide benefits to your skin.