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Potty training pants

Help your little one along during potty training with easy-to-use potty training pants. Guard against accidents day and night with absorbent training pants. There are girls training pants and boys training pants, each designed for their unique needs. Choose the appropriate size potty training pants from Huggies or Pampers for a comfy fit.

Simplify the process

Some potty training pants have fun characters on them that disappear when they get wet so you can tell when your little one has had an accident. The familiar characters can also encourage your child to try harder to make it to the potty so the characters won't disappear.

Encouraging success

If you are rewarding your toddler for their successes during potty training, you can find a wide selection of toys here at Walgreens.com. There are toddler toys and books, building sets and plush toys to give to your child for a job well done. You can also find arts and crafts and action figures and play sets to help encourage your child along the way.