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Stay comfortable and fresh by applying powders to your body. Today's market offers you a vide variety of powders, including body powders, baby powders, and foot powders. If you need powder for medicinal reasons, medicated powders are also available. Include one or all of these powders in your family's beauty supply cabinet.

Powders for you and your little ones

If you need to absorb moisture and sweat, body powders will keep you dry and odor-free throughout the day and night. With baby powder, you can Keep your baby's skin soft and dry. Gentle, yet effective for sensitive skin, baby powder prevents your baby from developing diaper rash by absorbing the moisture. If extra absorption is desired, try baby powder with cornstarch. Baby powders are often worn by adults who enjoy the fresh, clean scent.

Medicated Body Powder

Rub your body with medicated body powder to relieve minor skin irritation, itching, and discomfort. Medicated body powder has ingredients that are said to keep you dry, itch free, and odor free. If you are looking for relief from foot odor, try foot powders. Foot powders do an excellent job of absorbing moisture and eliminating odor. For extra protection, try putting the powder in your shoes as well as on your feet. Medicated foot powders contain antifungal and antibacterial medication to treat ailments such as athlete's foot.

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