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Power Nail Files

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Power Nail Files

With the right tools and supplies at your fingertips, you can easily give yourself a professional quality manicure right at home, and you can complete a DIY manicure in much less time than you might think. Walgreens can help you get perfect results from every manicure and help you save time with an assortment of power nail files.

What Is a Nail File?

Nail files are true nail care essentials and are used by professional nail technicians in salons around the world. Standard nail files and emery boards are made out of textured metal or a coarse, gritty material similar to sandpaper. The texture of the nail file and its unique shape makes it ideal for shaping the nails. When the file is rubbed against the edge of the nail correctly, it can remove sharp edges and make the shape of the nail even and attractive. Filing is typically done at the start of a manicure prior to polishing.

Benefits of Power Filing

Power nail files are the latest innovation in nail care tools. These devices serve the same purpose as traditional nail files, but they eliminate the need for you to manually maneuver your nail file. Powered by batteries, the power nail file moves back and forth on its own, so you can simply move your nail along the surface of the file. Many people find it easier to get great results from filing when they use a power file and feel that it reduces the risk of errors. Others prefer power nail files because the tools can speed up the manicure process by automating the time-consuming task of filing.

Comparing Power Files

As you shop for power nail files, there are some features that you can use to compare the available options and simplify shopping. One major difference between files is the types of battery that they contain. Some files have a rechargeable battery that can be replenished by plugging the device into a wall or a USB outlet. Others use disposable batteries that must be replaced periodically. Power files also differ in their shape and size. Some even come with multiple attachments or heads that give you greater control over filing.

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