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Power toothbrushes

Keep your breath fresh and your mouth healthy with a power toothbrush. These electric toothbrushes have rotating bristles to clean off plaque and remove stains. There are powered toothbrushes for children with popular characters on them to help encourage kids to brush their teeth. Shop our selection of power toothbrushes from Oral-B and other brands here at Walgreens.com.

A healthy mouth is a happy mouth

Some power toothbrushes are available with different sections of moving bristles for optimal cleaning. The pulsating toothbrush head can help you get whiter teeth as well as stimulate your gums. Most battery-operated toothbrushes come with replacement heads so you can follow the recommendation to change your brush head every three months.

Toothpaste, floss and more

Stock up on all your dental care needs. From dental floss and tape and dental picks and brushes to dental appliances, our options for dental health will help you take care of your mouth. We carry manual and power flossers, dental strips for fresh breath and whitening wraps for brighter, whiter teeth. Youll also find a wide assortment of toothpastes for cavity protection and fresh breath.