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Pudding comes in a variety of flavors and makes a delicious snack or dessert. offers many familiar flavors of pudding that people of all ages will enjoy. Popular pudding brands like Jell-O are available at

Boxed pudding

Boxed pudding is a classic treat that you may have grown up eating. Many fond childhood memories involve a heaping bowl of pudding topped with sprinkles, whipped cream or fresh fruit. Boxed pudding comes in a variety of popular flavors, including butterscotch, chocolate and vanilla. It is easy to prepare and only requires a few different ingredients, many of which may already be in your refrigerator or pantry. Preparation is so simple that preschoolers and elementary school children can even enjoy helping a parent, guardian or babysitter make this tasty dessert. It can be served warm or cold depending on your personal preferences. Some people like to place prepared pudding in the freezer for a cold and creamy indulgence.


If you want something other than pudding, try gelatin. This dessert is commonly associated with potluck parties and holiday gatherings. Gelatin eggs and fruit salads made with gelatin tend to be a hit with most guests. Gelatin is a packaged food that is even easier to prepare than pudding. All it takes is a bit of water or your favorite fruit juice, making it an ideal choice for busy folks who want a sweet treat from time to time. If that still sounds like more time and effort than you want to invest, check out our selection of prepackaged desserts and chocolate candy.

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