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Purina Cat Food

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Purina cat food

Purina cat food contains the nutrients that your cat needs for its active lifestyle. Though you might think that your cat seldom does anything more than sleep, it burns a large number of calories that need replenishing daily.

Dry cat food

Dry cat food is one of the more common varieties of pet food on the market. Dry cat food is typically less expensive than wet cat food, especially if you look at the serving size. Always read the ingredient list carefully before you buy any type of pet food or cat treats. Meat should be the first or second ingredient listed because your cat needs the protein. You should avoid feeding your cat food that uses corn or another filler as the main ingredient.

Canned cat food

Canned cat food serves as a treat on special occasions or as a regular meal for your pet. The small cans contain exactly one serving, which makes feeding your cat easy. Purina cat food uses ingredients that appeal to cats, including eggs, tuna, salmon, chicken and beef. If you never fed gourmet cat food to your pet before, incorporate the food slowly into its diet. Mix a small amount of the canned cat food with the dry cat food. If your cat reacts well to the dietary change, start feeding it larger amounts of canned food. Decrease the amount of dry food you give the cat until it adjusts to the new food.

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