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Purina Friskies

The sound of a can of Purina Friskies cat food opening can draw cats from any room in your house. Purina also uses its Friskies brand name for dry cat food that contains some of the same ingredients found in the canned version.

Dry cat food and treats

Dry cat food mixes the flavors that cats love with the nutrients that the animals need. The Surfino and Turfino variety uses beef and fish flavors for a taste that cats cannot resist. The Purina Friskies brand also sells cat treats in small pouches. The packages contain multiple treats of different sizes, colors and flavors. Even if you give your cat a small handful every day, you might not come across the same flavor combination.

Canned cat food

Canned cat food can act as a special occasion treat for your pet or as an everyday meal. Purina makes several different types of wet cat food, including Meaty Bits, Classic Pate and Prime Filets. The Prime Filets variety uses thin strips of meat in a liquid broth. The Classic Pate mixes different ingredients together and chops those ingredients into a thick mixture. You can also reach for the Meaty Bits version, which uses larger and thicker chunks of meat in a rich gravy. Some of the Purina Friskies varieties use a combination of ingredients, including chicken and eggs or salmon and cheese. Other versions use just one type of meat mixed with gravy for cats that do not like variety.