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Ralph Lauren cologne

Find a fragrance for yourself or a loved one among the selection of Ralph Lauren colognes here at Walgreens.com. Choose among the women's perfumes and colognes for men to find the fragrance or fragrances most appealing to your senses. The variety of Ralph Lauren colognes makes it easy to find a gift for yourself and someone you love.

Variety is the spice of life

As you shop for a Ralph Lauren cologne, look to the fragrance notes to find the scents you find appealing. Among the perfumes for women you can find fruity, floral, spicy and blends that combine one or more of these scents. Ralph Lauren colognes for men can include wood, musk, leather and fresh fragrances as well as blends of one or more for a rich, layered scent.

Shopping for others?

If you're trying to find a Ralph Lauren cologne for your friend, spouse or another loved one, pay attention to fragrance they may already wear. If you can identify some of the notes in a fragrance they are currently wearing, you can look for those notes in a Ralph Lauren perfume. If they don't wear perfume, you can look at the fragrance notes in colognes to find scents they are drawn to.