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Razor Cartridges

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Razor cartridges

Elevate your shaving experience beyond hair removal with razor cartridges. Used for premium shaving systems, razor cartridges are designed for comfort and a finer, easier shave than disposable razors, without damaging the skin. There are razor cartridges for every brand of reusable razor, from Gillette to Schick.

Choosing razor cartridges

The best way to choose the right razor cartridge is to match your razor to the cartridge that matches your razor's make and model. This system allows you to keep your favorite razor, the one that gives you the best shave. You can also upgrade your shaving system by choosing a razor cartridge that can give you a closer shave or one that moisturizes your skin during the shave. The various razors available use cartridges are custom-made for men or women and are used for shaving the legs, face or the bikini area.

Moisturizing razor cartridges

The legs and bikini area are places where the skin is sensitive and difficult to maneuver. Moisturizing razor cartridges are designed to apply a lubricating line that the razor follows while shaving the hair. A thick strip of solid lubricant rings the razor cartridge head. When the razor is applied to the skin for shaving, the ring of lubricant is transferred onto the skin in front of and behind the razor on the shaving path. The result is a shave performed without shaving cream and skin that is moisturized after the hair is removed. Moisturizing razor cartridges make it easy to replace the razor that keeps your skin soft and free of unwanted hair.

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