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Rechargeable toothbrushes

Clean your teeth and gums with rechargeable toothbrushes that can promote oral health. These power toothbrushes come with various features that can meet your oral hygiene needs. Choose from different types of rechargeable toothbrushes made by Oral-B, Philips Sonicare and Arm & Hammer that can whiten, clean hard-to-reach areas and even remove debris and plaque from between your teeth.

Replacing brush heads

Once you've selected a rechargeable toothbrush, stock up on toothbrush replacement heads compatible with your toothbrush model. To help you remember when to replace them, some brush heads have colored bristles that fade over the course of three months. Choose from soft, medium and firm bristles based on your dentist's recommendation.

For a clean, healthy smile

Additional supplies for your oral health and hygiene here at Walgreens.com include dental appliances such as power flossers. You can find replacement tips for your flosser, or you can try a water flosser. We also carry dental floss including waxed dental floss and flavored dental floss. To use with your rechargeable toothbrush, find a toothpaste that meets your and your family's needs.