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Remote Vibrators

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Remote Vibrators

Intimate toys can spice up a special night with a partner and leave you feeling deeply satisfied during masturbation. Today, sex toys come in many sizes, shapes and styles with options that provide stimulation and pleasure to suit every passion. Remote vibrators are one popular option among sex toys today. At Walgreens, we have an assortment of models available for partner and solo play. Your order will be shipped to you discreetly, so you can focus fully on your personal pleasure without having to worry about your privacy.

Why Use a Remote Vibrator?

Vibrators are used to enhance arousal and promote climaxes by stimulating sensitive areas of the genitals. Because people have differing tastes and preferences when it comes to pleasure, many vibrators have multiple modes and speeds that allow them to produce different sensations at the touch of a button. With a remote control vibrator, it's easy to change the settings on a vibrator and start and stop it without having to interrupt the moment. Remote controls can also put control of the sex toy in the hands of your partner, allowing him or her to operate it.

What Are Remote Control Eggs and Bullet Vibrators?

Remote control eggs and bullets are wireless vibrators that are made for women. The vibrators get their names from their shapes with bullets being slightly narrower and less round than eggs. Both egg and bullet vibrators are inserted into the vagina and used to stimulate the G-spot, enabling some women to achieve powerful climaxes. Many women find that egg and bullet vibrators with remotes are much easier to use, as they can use the remote to adjust the performance of the toys without having to remove them and then reinsert them.

Other Remote Control Vibrating Toys

In addition to egg and bullet vibrators, you can find other vibrating sex toys that come with a convenient remote control. Some couple's rings are sold with a remote. A vibrating ring is worn on the shaft of the penis during vaginal intercourse to provide clitoral stimulation to the female partner while helping the male maintain an erection. The remote allows the female partner to adjust the intensity of the vibrations without interrupting sex. You can also find remote vibrating panties that can be operated by a partner or by the wearer as a part of foreplay or masturbation.

Finding the Ideal Toy

After you have decided what type of toy is right for you, you can compare many features of the available remote vibrators to find the ideal choice for your needs. If you want the convenience of being able to use your toy in the tub or shower, you can choose one of the waterproof vibrators that are offered from top manufacturers. You can compare the sizes of the vibrators, considering not just your preferences when it comes to pleasure but also how discreet you would like your new toy to be. Smaller toys are often easier to store and to take with you when you travel. The number of speeds and the types of vibrations and pulsations offered by the toys can also be compared.

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