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Vibrators can completely change the way you engage in sexual activity with a partner, and vibrators are also suitable for solo play. The newest sexual toys come in a wide range of colors and materials. When you first start shopping for a pleasure massager, you might feel overwhelmed at the number of different choices.

Choosing a pleasure massager

Most vibrators run on batteries, but you can find vibrators that use an internal battery, which you recharge with an electrical outlet. The basic vibrator gently vibrates when you turn it on, but the newest device feature different settings. You can find vibrators that move up and down, which mimics the feel of actual intercourse. You can also find a lipstick vibrator or bullet vibrator, which is small enough that it fits into the palm of your hand. You can even find a vibrator that stimulates two area at once. Vibrators that stimulate the pleasure zones are another option.

Cleaning your sexual toys

If you want your sexual toys to keep working for years, you need to clean those toys properly. The way you clean the product depends on the material. Many manufacturers make specialty cleaning products for silicone vibrators or latex vibrators. You must clean the toy before you use it, and you should clean the toy after you use it. The vibrator can attract dust or other debris when you store it in a drawer. Cleaning the toy is even more important if you use personal lubricants because those lubricants can break down the vibrator.

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