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Resveratrol is a type of natural product found in certain plants. The plants produce this element when confronted by natural enemies, and manufacturers now use this ingredient in some dietary supplements. offers resveratrol supplements from brands like Biotivia and Nature's Bounty and Natrol.

Buying dietary supplements

Manufacturers began using resveratrol when studies found a link between this element and certain medical conditions, and you can now find this ingredient in dietary supplements. The element can help some reduce their chances of developing specific diseases, including diabetes and cancer. If you want to take resveratrol, you should know which type of herbal supplement you need. These supplements typically come in a softgel or capsule form. The softgel form breaks down faster in the bloodstream because it has a softer surface that quickly dissolves. Softgels are generally milder on the stomach than the capsule form, but some prefer capsules because these are usually less expensive.

Other supplements

Resveratrol comes in other forms beyond capsules and tablets. Those who have trouble swallowing capsules might prefer the liquid products. These products contain natural fruit juices made from the plants that produce resveratrol naturally. Time release capsules are another option for those who want to take resveratrol. These capsules slowly release the products into the bloodstream within 12 hours after ingesting the pill. You can also buy multivitamins that contain resveratrol as one of the main ingredients. There are even some supplements that serve multiple purposes such as one that promises to get you healthy and fight the signs of aging.

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