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Revlon Concealer

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Revlon concealer

Correct unevenness and mask blemishes with Revlon concealer. You can find concealer from Revlon in a range of shades to match a variety of skin tones. There are also different textures to choose from that can work best with various skin types. People with dry or very dry skin, for example, can benefit from using a moisturizing concealer cream. Find the concealer that's a great fit for you here at

The concealer for your skin

If your skin tone is light, the more sheer coverage of a liquid concealer should do the trick when it comes to hiding blemishes or redness. For darker skin tones, look for a stick concealer that offers more opaque coverage. To care for your skin's health and youthful appearance, most Revlon concealers are made with SPFs as high as 25.

Revlon beauty solutions

For your other beauty needs, shop our wider selection of Revlon products. Choose a matching shade of Revlon foundation that can blend seamlessly with your concealer. Revlon also offers a mineral makeup products, as well as brushes for easy application. For your nails, hair and other personal care needs, there are Revlon hair color products, nail polish and tweezers and shapers for your eyebrows.

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