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Ricola drops

Available in various flavors and formulas, Ricola drops are made to help soothe sore throats. What makes these Ricola cough drops unique is that they're made with ingredients from nature that have been used for sore throat relief in various forms for years. Choose your flavor and ingredient types from a variety of Ricola products at Walgreens.com.

Different types of drops

To choose your Ricola lozenges, consider what you need most. If you'd like extra pain relief, try a Ricola drop with an oral anesthetic. Other drops are cough suppressants that help to reduce your coughing. There are even Ricola drops for use as a dietary supplement to help support the immune system which helps protect against catching a cold or the flu.

Cough relief

If you have a cough or a cold, browse our selection of cough, cold and flu relief options to help reduce the severity of your symptoms. There are cough syrups as well as sore throat relief products for kids and adults alike. You can try a sore throat spray or a soothing syrup in a flavor that's easy to take. If you prefer natural options, look for homeopathic or natural cough remedies.