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Scales can be used to measure your own weight or the weight of the foods you eat, and has a wide range of scales to choose from. For individuals who are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or improve their health, a scale can be a valuable tool to have in the home. You can track your weightloss with a personal bathroom scale or measure your food so you can better track what you are eating with a food scale. Scales come in both digital and mechanical forms.

Choosing a bathroom scale

A bathroom scale is intended to measure the weight of a person. Many modern bathroom scale are digital. Digital scales run on batteries and feature a numerical display of your weight. Mechanical scales, which feature a dial and typically list weights in both pounds and kilograms, are another option. Some scales have added features, such as the ability to hold the numerical value on the display for a few seconds or minutes after you step off the scale or an extra-wide platform to make it easier to stand and balance on the scale. Some digital scales also analyze your body fat percentage.

Using food scales

Food scales are small scales that are placed on the tabletop and used to determine the weight of raw ingredients and prepared foods. These scales typically have a high degree of precision, sometimes measuring weights as low as 0.1 ounce. Other features to look for when choosing a food scale include a tare feature that lets you subtract the weight of the [food container] and an automatic shut-off feature that preserves battery life. Both digital food scales and spring scales, which use a mechanical spring to weigh your food items, are available for kitchen use.

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