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Scar Sheets

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Scar sheets

Reduce and diminish the appearance of scars with scar sheets. These easy-to-use scar treatments are usually self-adhesive for quick application. You can buy scar sheets designed for specific uses or sheets that you can cut to the size and shape you need. Designed to work on both new and old scars, sheets for scar treatment are usually washable and reusable so you can apply them more than once. Find a scar treatment from brands ScarAway or Retouch here at

A simple solution

Scar sheets cover scars to protect them and they conceal the scar while it heals. Shaped scar sheets for the breast and stomach are designed to fit the scars typically left after mastectomies and c-sections or other surgeries. Silicone scar sheets offer hydration for your skin to soften the damaged area and act as a natural barrier. Most can be safely worn under clothing or compression garments.

Personal care solutions

In addition to scar management products, we carry a number of post-surgical products to help you throughout recovery. Our mastectomy care solutions include breast prosthesis and double mastectomy bras in a range of sizes. Wound dressings come in a number of styles to help you find the type your doctor recommended. You can also find basic first aid products for minor injuries including bandages, alcohol and swabs and antiseptics and topical antibiotics.

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