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Security Gates

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Security gates

Restrict access to certain areas of your home by using security gates. These types of gates temporarily change the configuration of your home, so you can choose which parts of the house are accessible to young children and pets.

Use safety gates for peace of mind

There are many parts of the home that cannot be enclosed by shutting a door. Security gates prevent children and pets from accessing certain areas, such as hallways and stairways. These types of safety gates also prevent them from leaving a room that does not have a door, such as the kitchen. Strategically placing these portable gates across entrances prevents your dependents from traveling to an unauthorized area of the house that may not be safe. Security gates ensure that your children and pets remain safe and secure in an area that you can control.

Convenient security designed for the home

Security gates for the inside of the home are designed to span a variety of openings. These temporary barriers come in different widths and heights to fit across most entrances. You can also buy a gate extension if the opening you want to block is particularly large. Most models feature a door that opens in both directions and closes automatically, so these security gates can accommodate any home configuration in a safe manner. A double-locking system ensures that ingenious children cannot figure out how to open the gate, so you can feel confident that the gate will be a reliable temporary barrier.

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