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Sensitive skin shave gels

Keep your skin healthy and comfortable by using sensitive skin shave gels. To reduce irritation and redness, many of these shave creams do not contain fragrances or other additives. Some can also help protect your skin from nicks and razor bumps. Try the sensitive skin shave gels from brands such as Gillette, Edge and Skintimate available here at Walgreens.com.

Gentle enough for daily use

Both women and men can use sensitive skin shave gels each day for smooth skin. Certain shaving gels for sensitive skin have a light, feminine or masculine scent while others are fragrance-free. Look for shaving gels that contain aloe, vitamin E or other skin-soothing and moisturizing ingredients.

Other shaving supplies

Besides sensitive skin shave gels, there are razors for sensitive skin. Some of these disposable razors have moisturizing strips that contain vitamin E or aloe. Choose the number of blades you prefer, as well as the colors and scent of some razors. For your other personal grooming needs, we also carry electric shavers and beard trimmers for men and women.